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We’re looking for host organizations for the Vidnova Fellowship, a support program for refugee civil society actors from and within Ukraine

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Our Solution

Vidnova Fellowship is an individually designed support program for civil society actors from Ukraine that enables them to continue their work and to network with other Ukrainian and European partner organizations.

We address activists and professionals who are involved in civil society in such spheres as:

and who have sought refuge in Germany and neighboring European countries, or had to relocate to a different area within Ukraine.

Human rights protection

LGBTIQ+ activists



Support for vulnerable groups

Survivors of the Nazi Regime

People with disabilities


(Non-formal) education

including history

remembrance activists

Media literacy

Independent media

Social innovation and social entrepreneurship

Environmental protection

And others

and who have sought refuge in Germany and neighboring European countries, or had to relocate to a different area within Ukraine.

The core elements of the program

Scholarship for participants

Scholarships for fellows calculated according to real life costs in respective countries


1500 eur/month
for a fellowship in Germany

Funding for activities

Funding for activities developed in collaboration with local partner/host

approx. 5000 eur/project

in collaboration with and supported by a host organization, a fellow can develop or continue a project within their sphere of impact that would be connected to Ukraine.

Time frame

The length of the fellowship will be agreed together with the host organization and the fellow, taking their individual needs into consideration. But should be no shorter than 3 months and no longer than 12 months.


It is possible to have a three-months-long fellowship in a European country and nine-months-long fellowship on-site in a Ukrainian organization. Further collaboration between the fellow and the European host organization in hybrid or online formats may be possible in some cases (depending on topics and capacities of both host and fellow).

Tailor-made formats

  • Individual support for participants, including coaching and individually tailored training
  • Fellows’ community meetings and the peer exchange: first orientation meeting is planned for 3 days

1 — 3 July, 2022

Who we are looking for

Civil society organizations in the spheres mentioned above (but not limited to) with

  • Capacity to provide relevant support to Vidnova fellows (see in the section below “what’s expected from the hosting organization”).
  • Experience in hosting fellowship and residency programs will be a considerable advantage

What you receive

What’s expected from the hosting organization

We are accepting applications until we have finances available. We are adjusting all the procedures to the dynamic situation. This means that you can always approach us and we will explore what is possible.

Need more information?

Write our team member Malwina using the contact form below