Vidnova Fellowship

Many civil society actors in Ukraine have lost their local context as well as their integrality as teams and organizations, and have been disconnected from their beneficiaries because of Russian military aggression. Moreover, opportunities for civic engagement have been constrained by the economic hardship that has resulted from the displacement of refugees.

Vidnova Fellowship is an individually designed support program for civil society actors from Ukraine who have been forced to leave their local context due to the full-scale Russian invasion. We are collaborating with activists and professionals involved in civil society who had to seek refuge in Europe (Vidnova Europe) or returned back to Ukraine (Vidnova Ukraine). The program aims to support the continuation of work of Ukrainian civil society actors in connection to diverse Ukrainian and European partners.

We address activists and professionals who are involved in the following spheres of civil society:

  • Human rights protection (LGBTIQ+ activists, Roma-activists, etc.)
  • Support for vulnerable groups (survivors of the Nazi Regime, people with disabilities, etc.)
  • Non-formal education (including history & remembrance activists)
  • Media literacy (independent media)
  • Social innovation and social entrepreneurship
  • Environmental protection
  • and others.

Fellows’ profile

  • An activist and/or a leader/founder/manager of an NGO, charity organization, or volunteer group who relocated to a European country or Ukraine because of the war.
  • Searches for support in finding ways and new senses for activities of their expertise.
  • Intends to stay in the sector, maintain current skills, develop further, and cultivate experience and their organization’s impact in Ukraine.
  • Needs support adapting their activities to the new context.

Core Elements

Fellowship from 3 to 12 months

Vidnova Europe
Connection with a host organization
Vidnova Europe
Vidnova Europe
Training opportunities

Funding for project activities

Vidnova Europe
Networking meetings

Calls for Application

This call for application is hosted by our partner organisation Insha Osvita. Please apply until April 14, 2024.
Vidnova Fellowship Ukraine
For fellows in Ukraine.
Applications for Vidnova Europe are currently closed.
Vidnova Fellowship Europe
For fellows in other European countries.

This program is created by Commit by MitOst gGmbH and EVZ Foundation with kind financial support of EVZ Foundation, Robert Bosch Stiftung, Gerda Henkel Stiftung and Stiftung Mercator. The coordination of Vidnova Fellowship Ukraine is performed in partnership with NGO Insha Osvita.