Vidnova Fellowship

Many civil society actors in Ukraine have lost their local context as well as their integrality as teams and organizations, and have been disconnected from their beneficiaries because of Russian military aggression. Moreover, opportunities for civic engagement have been constrained by the economic hardship that has resulted from the displacement of refugees.

Vidnova Fellowship is an individually designed support program for civil society actors from Ukraine who have been forced to leave their local context due to the full-scale Russian invasion. We are collaborating with activists and professionals involved in civil society who had to seek refuge in Europe (Vidnova Europe) or returned back to Ukraine (Vidnova Ukraine). The program aims to support the continuation of work of Ukrainian civil society actors in connection to diverse Ukrainian and European partners.

We address activists and professionals who are involved in the following spheres of civil society:

  • Human rights protection (LGBTIQ+ activists, Roma-activists, etc.)
  • Support for vulnerable groups (survivors of the Nazi Regime, people with disabilities, etc.)
  • Non-formal education (including history & remembrance activists)
  • Media literacy (independent media)
  • Social innovation and social entrepreneurship
  • Environmental protection
  • and others.

Fellows’ profile

  • An activist and/or a leader/founder/manager of an NGO, charity organization, or volunteer group who relocated to a European country or Ukraine because of the war.
  • Searches for support in finding ways and new senses for activities of their expertise.
  • Intends to stay in the sector, maintain current skills, develop further, and cultivate experience and their organization’s impact in Ukraine.
  • Needs support adapting their activities to the new context.

Calls for applications

Fellowship from 3 to 12 months

Vidnova Europe
Connection with a host organization
Vidnova Europe
Vidnova Europe
Training opportunities

Funding for project activities

Vidnova Europe
Networking meetings

Calls for applications

Vidnova Fellowship Ukraine

For fellows in Ukraine.
This call for application is hosted by our partner organisation Insha Osvita. Please apply until April 14, 2024.
Vidnova Fellowship Europe
For fellows in other European countries.
Applications for Vidnova Europe are currently closed.

Meet the fellows

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Mariam Agamian

Haus Kulturen der Welt
Mariam comes from Kyiv and moved to Berlin. In the frames of Vidnova Europe, she aimed to establish connections between activists and researchers from countries with a colonial past and openly talk with them. Mariam worked on the future scope and development of the Kviradio (QueerRadio) – an initiative for non-professional reading of texts on queer-feminist topics.

Oksana Sygareva

Oksana Sygareva from Kharkiv moved to Prague, Czech Republic. She is a film producer, director, and manager of cultural, artistic, and educational projects. Since 2020, she has been shooting a documentary about a children’s circus studio in Kharkiv. Oksana plans to finish the rough editing of the film and present it to partners to find funding for post-production.

Tatiana Korzhova

Tatiana moved from Ochakiv to Poland. At first, she was in Łódź, then moved to Warsaw. She is an artist who plans to open an art studio to teach children and adults painting from nature and hold an exhibition dedicated to the nature of the Kinburn spit. This territory is still under Russian occupation.

Olena Brutska

Olena Brutska was born in Krasnodon, Luhansk region. Lives in Kyiv since 2012. Olena is an activist, journalist, screenwriter, and PR volunteer of the NGO Women’s Veteran Movement. Starting from October 2022, Olena actively worked on covering stories about servicewomen in Ukraine and abroad. Together with Vogue magazine, she implemented the special project “Letters from the Front” – materials in the form of letters from the trenches from female defenders who fight on the front lines. Thanks to Olena’s scrupulous communication activities, it was possible to collect donations from sponsors for the tailoring of women’s military uniforms.

Andriy Savych

Andriy moved from Lviv to Spain. Andriy is a musician. His musical career went through various orchestras in Ukraine and abroad (Kyiv Symphony Orchestra, Lviv Philharmonic Orchestra, Orquesta Clásica Santa Cecilia, and others). He returned to resume his activities, develop his vlog, and share his knowledge there.

Maryna Bublyk

Roma Women Fund Chiricli
Maryna comes from Nizhyn and lives in Stuttgart. In frames of the project of Vidnova Europe, she organized a week of masterclasses in the Petrikivka painting technique in the refugee adaptation center by the folk craftswoman from Ukraine. The masterclass combined ornamental painting with the method of wicker weaving. It developed the creative potential of the refugees and improved their emotional state. She also organized an auction to sell the painted works to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Alina Neskreba

Alina moved from Severodonetsk to Jindrzyhuv Hradec, Czech Republic. Alina is a sound engineer and sound designer. In her project “Modern Ukrainian Audio Fairy Tales”, she will adapt Ukrainian folk tales to the interests of modern children. She plans to make fairy tales in Ukrainian and English.

Maryna Maikovska

Maryna Maikovska was born in Trostyanets, Sumy region, and now lives in Kyiv. Maryna is a director. As part of the Vidnova Ukraine Fellowship, she worked on the creation of a series of films about the evacuation of animals from Bucha. She plans to promote the film project to international animal protection and human rights organizations.

Yuliia Rubtsova

Positive Ukrainer in Deutschland e.V.
Yuliia comes from Zhytomyr and moved to Falkensee. Her project in the frame of Vidnova Europe aimed to inform and integrate Ukrainians living with HIV and fleeing from the war to Germany. It focused on the first steps of the Ukrainian community to create a sustainable network of peer counselors in the field of HIV support throughout Germany. The project was realized with the support of Yullia’s host organization, Positive Ukrainer in Deutschland e.V.

Iryna Savytska

Iryna moved from Lisnyki, Kyiv region, to Pescara, Italy. She is a co-founder of the Ukrainian startup Bank of Memories and a member of the “Memories of Ukraine” organization. Together with her husband, in the “Bank of Memories” project, they create digital memorials for heroes who died in the Russian-Ukrainian war. These short films can be viewed directly from the plaque using a smartphone.

Yulia Manukyan

Yulia was born in Kherson and now lives in Odesa. She is a journalist, art critic, co-founder and curator of artistic and urban projects of the NGO “Urban Re-Public” (Kherson), an expert of the Museum Council of the NGO “Museum of Modern Art in Ukraine”, a volunteer of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Kherson (MSMH). Yulia restores the organization’s work in Odesa and documents the consequences of the war for the cultural heritage of southern Ukraine. As part of the Vidnova Ukraine Fellowship, Yulia realized the project “Animation of art resistance in the occupation” to support the artistic community of Kherson. Discussions on the problems of decolonization became a separate block of the project.

Partners & Supporters

This program is created by Commit by MitOst gGmbH and EVZ Foundation with kind financial support of EVZ Foundation, Robert Bosch Stiftung, Gerda Henkel Stiftung and Stiftung Mercator. The coordination of Vidnova Fellowship Ukraine is performed in partnership with NGO Insha Osvita.