Building bridges,
navigating relationships,
enabling sustainable collaborations

with civil society actors and organizations in Ukraine and other European countries

Many civil society actors in Ukraine have lost their local context as well as their integrality as teams and organizations, have been disconnected from their end beneficiaries, and are largely deprived of their main senses.

Moreover, opportunities for civic engagement have been constrained by the economic hardship that has resulted from the displacement of refugees.

This program aims to support the continuation of work of Ukrainian civil society actors in connection to diverse European partners.

Vidnova Fellowship is an individually designed program for civil society actors from Ukraine, that enables them to continue their work and to network with other European and Ukrainian partner organizations.

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commit gGmbH is a social enterprise created by the organization MitOst e.V.

At commit, we acknowledge the fact that we live in a world of complex and interconnected challenges, where constant and fast change is becoming a new reality. We embrace this  complexity as open-minded and curious learners. We strive for vibrant, flourishing, and resilient communities where everyone counts and active citizens are a stronghold for participative and inclusive societies.

MitOst e.V. is a Berlin-based non-profit association and a network fostering cultural exchange, active citizenship, social cohesion, and sustainable urban and rural development – beyond cultural, sectoral, or linguistic borders.

We have more than 1500 members in 40 countries, many of whom are based in Germany and Ukraine. Our 35 staff work from Berlin with local and regional partner organizations throughout Europe, North Africa, and West, Central, and East Asia to implement various programs and projects.

As part of a growing European network, we support citizens in participating actively in their societies and in acting according to democratic principles. We offer various tailor-made qualifications, motivating and empowering the participants. We also connect and support civil society actors who strengthen cohesion and agency in Europe and beyond, and encourage cross-sectoral cooperation in order to promote social innovation and sustainable urban and rural development.

Read more about what we do in and for Ukraine here.